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How To Keep Your Cat Hydrated

Keeping your cat happy and hydrated can be a bit of a challenge for some cat owners. Cats tend not to drink much water because their prey, in the wild, are usually very high in water. Mice, for example consist of approximately 70% water. Therefore the diet of a domestic cat usually doesn’t deliver the level of moisture that their naturally more primitive existence would offer. As domestic cat food is generally much drier than a cat should consume we therefore face the challenge of finding other ways to keep our cats hydrated. Here are our top tips on how to do just that.

Cat Drinking Fountains

Cat drinking fountains are a really effective way to make sure your cat is drinking enough water throughout the day. Cat drinking fountains will help to keep your kitty hydrated by offering her a source of water that is attractive to her and is safe water for her to drink on a daily basis. Jump online and take a look at the best cat drinking fountain for your cat and for your home.

Wet Cat Food

Tinned cat food generally has more moisture content than dryer cat biscuit diets. So adding more moist canned cat food into your cats diets is one of the easiest way to inject more moisture into her day to day life. Some cats may not like wet cat food however so if this is the case you should try adding broth or just plain water to dry food. Wet food can also be mixed up with even more water to create a soup-like consistency that some cats really enjoy.

Ice Cubes

Some cats, like a lots of humans, actually prefer really cold icy water, particularly when the weather is hot. So by adding an ice cube to your cat’s dinner or water tray may make your cat more interested in what’s on offer if you’re struggling to get your cat to drink and eat enough.

Strategically Place Water

Placing water bowls in different places in the house is a good idea to keep reminding your cat that she needs to drink. Also be aware that leaving water near your cat’s litter tray may be a reason that your cat is not drinking as much as she should. Cats are naturally very hygienic animals so drinking next to their toilet can be a big no no for some extra-picky cats.

Add a Little Flavour

Adding a little flavour to your cat’s water may be just what your cat needs to feel a little more enticed to consume more liquid. Water can be a little bland for some cats so by just adding a touch of broth or a little sprinkling of tuna may be all your cat needs to take a little more interest in her water bowl.

Experiment With Bowls

It is no secret that cats are particularly picky so you might want to experiment with the different bowls that your cat is drinking from. If your cat is showing little interest in his water bowl then try alternating the material between stainless steel, ceramic, and glass to see what her preference is.


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