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How to Dry a Dog After Bathing

The image of a wet dog shaking itself is pretty cute for all those watching by the shore of the lake or pond. This isn’t quite so fun when your pet does this out of the bath and won’t come back to be dried off. They can get that wet dog smell that passers-by don’t have to deal with either. Your dogs can also deal with a few additional health risks if you aren’t careful about drying them properly too. The best approach for drying a dog after a swim or a bath can depend on the breed and their type of coat. It can also depend on their temperament. Some short-coated breeds don’t need much help here while others with fluffier coats do. Here are some tips on how to dry a dog after bathing. 

Towel drying dogs

The first option here is to simply towel dry your dog thoroughly if they are the right size and have the patience to let you do so. This is great for companion dogs and those with short coats, such as the labrador. You can towel them off with plenty of affection and get the vast majority of the moisture out. Make sure to handle them all over for the best result. Don’t just work on their neck and back. Get every limb and around their belly too. 

What about a dog hairdryer?

However, this approach isn’t going to cut it for those with thicker coats, double coats and some larger breeds. It would be far too difficult and time-consuming and do you really have enough towels? Here it might be best to use a doggy dryer to blow out all the water and reduce any risk of moisture and cold water lingering in the coat.  There are lots of great models out there to choose from. Some of the best dog blow dryers are small enough for the home but still pack a punch with variable settings on the air supply and a long, flexible hose.  Again, you need to be sure that you handle every area of the dog’s coat for the best result. This is much easier with those models that are flexible and have nozzles on the hoses. Just make sure that your pet is comfortable with the process. 

Training your dog to be dried

With that issue of pet comfort in mind, it is important to remember to train your dog to be dried if they are not used to the process. Some dogs don’t like being handled in certain places and may not like the feel of the air from the blower in sensitive areas. Make sure that they get plenty of praise for staying still and being dried and that they are always comfortable.  Another factor to consider when learning to dry a dog properly is to make sure that you get all the water out of any skin folds. This is essential for breeds like Shar-Pei and some bulldogs. Trapped moisture could lead to fungal issues and skin complaints. Be gentle but thorough for the best result. 

The power of the sun

If towel drying fails and there isn’t much need for a doggy dryer with your pet’s coat type, the best option may be just to admit defeat and let them dry out in the sun. have them run around in the yard to shake off the water and let the sun handle the rest. It is also a great way for them to get a bit more exercise. However, there is the risk here that they might head straight for the mud and grass and undo all that hard work bathing them in the first place. 

How to dry a dog after bathing

You can decide on the right method based on your dog’s coat type and temperament. If you know that a dog dryer is the best idea for health and well-being then train your pet to handle the blower and find a machine that will offer the best results.  If this is overkill, improve your towel drying methods and take good care to make it safe and fun for your pet. With time and possibly some trial and error, you will find the right method for your pet.

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