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How to Create Memories with Your Dog

For many of us, a dog is not just a pet, but also a family member. We want to create lasting memories with them, make them feel as they belong. There are several great ways of deepening your relationship with your dog, but – unfortunately – they will not be around forever. Just like you would like to have a photo with your loved ones, you will need to have memories for you and your kids of your dog. Below you will find a few tips on how to get started. 

Build that Special Relationship

It is important that you build a pet friendly home and make your house inclusive. Create a relaxation space for your dog, and allow them to develop their own habits. For example, they might want to curl up next to you on the sofa to watch over you when you are reading. This special moment should be something you remember, and make you smile whenever you are thinking about the love your dog gave you. 

Pet Lifestyle Photography 

You might attend family photo shoots with your loved ones, and you should never exclude your dog. You can even create lifestyle photos of you and your dog playing in the garden, the park, or attending a dog show. You will need to create memories that last for your kids who might have grown up with this special family member. 

Take Them on Holiday 

You should include your dog in every family activity, and this means choosing a holiday destination where you can enjoy being together and relaxing with your dog. Choose a dog friendly camping site where they can roam around freely, and where you can go on walks together. If you are taking your dog in the car, it is important that you have all the tools and accessories to keep them safe and comfortable. 

Memory Book 

Creating a memory book might be a great way of remembering your dog and the special moments you spent together. You can, however, take the experience further and make the memories more interactive. Check out the latest Print Your Pet Reviews to find out about the most creative ways of creating lasting memories and displaying them around your house. 

Paw Prints 

If you want to follow the development and life of your dog, you can take their paw prints every month or year, and compare them. This can be amazing wall art for decoration, and could even have a place among your family photos or on your feature wall. You might also take them to a professional artist to create a statue of them in a miniature format, provided that you can keep them still for a couple of minutes or hours. 

Your pet is not just an animal living in your home; they belong to your family. Try to engage with them and include them in every activity. Just like you are creating photos and memories with your kids, you will be able to do the same when it comes to your dog. 

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