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How To Create A Proper Hygiene Habit For Your Dogs

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Your dog’s hygiene routine is quite similar to what you implement for yourself. Dogs require regular grooming, a clean environment, and proper hygiene to ensure that their health isn’t compromised. Creating a routine for your dog’s hygiene means coming up with a list of practices that need to be carried out regularly. 

Here’s a list of hygiene tips you should follow for your dogs:

Houston mobile dog grooming professionals have the expertise to efficiently groom your dog. Such professionals are trained to carefully and gently clean your dog without causing physical discomfort or long-term damage. For example, a dog has multiple grooves in their ear that require in-depth cleaning. Without proper training and experience in this task, you might accidentally harm your dog’s ear. 

The same goes for nail trimming. It’s easy to accidentally injure your dog if they move around during the session. It’s best to have your dog’s nails trimmed by professionals because they have the skills to do this safely. 

Brushing your dog’ fur is important because of the shedding that occurs. Shed fur has to be carefully brushed off to prevent your dogs from leaving patches and trails of hair all around your home. A mobile dog grooming Houston service offers treatments which can make the shedding process more manageable.  

Washing your dog regularly helps get rid of any ticks, bugs, and dirt buildup on their fur. Schedule regular bath days for your dog. If you’re too busy to do this yourself or if you’re having a hard time keeping your dog still while washing them, call in a professional. Schedule a shampoo and conditioning session with professional dog groomers who will thoroughly wash your dogs and get them feeling rejuvenated. 

Cleaning your dog’s space is important. Your dog’s bedding must be frequently washed to keep it fresh and safe for your canine companion. If your dogs have messed the bedding, wash it immediately to prevent them from repeatedly sleeping in waste. The bedding also needs to be aired so the odor wouldn’t spread throughout your home. 

Maintaining hygiene for your dog means cleaning up after them. At the end of the day, for example, do a sweep of the outdoor area where your dog may have been playing and relaxing. You need to pick up and properly dispose any waste. Any stains that may have been left on the driveway, for example, have to be hosed down to ensure a clean and hygienic environment. 

Dog toys accumulate dirt and bacteria over-time and have to be frequently washed. You can keep toys on a rotation and only bring out a few toys at a time. On the day you decide to wash one set of toys, you can bring out a different set of clean toys. Once the washed toys are dry, you can store those away and bring them out on the day that you wash the toys your dog has been using before. 

You want to make sure that all the food your dog eats is at its best possible condition. Dog food needs to be stored properly. Make sure they’re correctly refrigerated, tightly sealed, and stored in clean cabinets. Improper food exposure can lead to bacteria growth and, when ingested, can cause stomach and digestion issues. Symptoms of food poisoning include vomiting, loss of appetite, lethargy and, in some cases, convulsions. If you suspect that your dog may have been exposed to harmful food, contact your vet right away. 

The cleanliness of your dog’s food bowls is just as important as how the food is chosen and stored. You must wash their bowls after every feeding in warm soapy water to remove leftover residue that will rot if left unwashed. Washing will also kill off harmful bacteria. Once the bowls are clean and dry, store them in a clean space. 


Implementing proper hygiene habits for your dog requires persistent and careful effort. Any neglect may lead to poor health conditions such as stomach issues and tick problems. If you’re worried about accidentally causing damage when you groom them yourself or if you just don’t have enough time, get professional service providers for nail clipping, ear cleaning, and dog washing.  

Remember, your dog’s routine should include regular changing the bedding, cleaning the outdoor area, washing and rotating dog toys, washing food bowls, and properly storing their food.

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