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How to Choose the Right Dog House


Your dog should have a house even if you want it to spend more time inside your home. This is because even dogs need a place where they can rest and spend time on their own even though they love staying with people.  You can choose to build a dog house or buy one. If you decide to purchase, then you should know the features to look out for to ensure you get the right home. Here are three qualities you should check when buying a dog house from an online pet store.

The Right Size  

Just like human beings, dogs also need a comfortable place. Therefore, the house you pick should make it possible for your pet to stand, sit, and turn freely. The size of the pet will determine the right size of the house. Therefore, establish how big or small your dog is because it will give you an idea about the preferred measurements of the house. A small house is not recommended, and neither is a large house. This is because a big house makes it impossible for the dog to keep it warm. Hence, you should focus on picking the perfect size that will make the dog comfortable. 

The Right Materials    

After identifying the right size, you should analyze the materials used to construct the dog house. The commonly used construction materials are wood, plastic, and metal. You should pick a dog house that is made of wood. Why?  Wood is a better insulator than plastic and metal because it does not absorb heat and cold from the outside. Therefore, a wooden house offers more comfort, especially during extreme weather.  Ticks and fleas can be an issue should you opt for a wooden house. However, you can avoid the issue by picking a home that is made with the right type of wood, most preferably cedar.  When choosing a wooden dog house, ensure that it does not contain toxic elements. For instance, ensure that the paint used is friendly to the dog to avoid allergic reactions and other health complications. 

Raised Floor

The floor is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a dog house. The two common types of floors are flat and raised. The best houses are those with a raised floor. This type of floor protects the interior of the house from external elements. For example, it prevents water from the surrounding from flowing into and flooding the house during heavy rains.  A raised floor is also the best way to ensure the house last longer. This applies mostly to wooden houses since they are protected from rot and termites.  

In conclusion, the right dog house has three desirable qualities. First, it is the right size, where it is not too small or too big. Secondly, it is made of suitable materials, with wood been the most preferred. Third, it has a raised roof to keep external elements such as water outside. You can find the right house for your dog at any reliable online pet store.

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