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How To Check If A CBD Product Is Safe For Your Pets

Cannabidiol (CBD) can promote several health benefits for both human and animal consumers. Several CBD-infused products are now available on the market. But, how can you be sure if a product is safe for your pets? Here are five tips to help you check if a particular CBD product is animal-friendly:

Scrutinize The Product Labels

Consider searching for other options if you see a CBD product for pets with a label that only has the item’s name. The last thing you’d want is to give your pet false security by offering them a substance that may or may not be CBD. Hence, the label, packaging, and product description of the CBD product you want to purchase must have detailed information. Check for information like the compound’s volume, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) percentage (if any), as well as existence of other ingredients. 

Also, search for the recommended dose on the product’s label. For example, you might wonder, “How much CBD oil should I give my dog for anxiety?”  Check the label or product description of your chosen CBD product to find out the answer to this question. But, what if the information printed on the label is lacking?  If so, you can ask the brand or manufacturer for a copy of the test results from a third-party laboratory. Ensure that you get this document as the data you’ll see in this file should give you information about the real contents of the compound. If, by any means, the company refuses to provide this document, consider searching for more reliable brands. 

Only Buy From Trusted Brands

The CBD industry has been around for years, and this particular sector is now teeming with brands and manufacturers. However, many users tend to trust some companies more than others because of these businesses’ proven track record of excellent products and customer service. 

Look for CBD brands that specialize in providing products with the naturally-occurring compound to pets. Check the company’s website, and check the amount of information displayed. Don’t stop at the ingredients only; instead, continue your search on the firm’s past and present business practices. A trusted brand won’t just be putting random CBD isolates into their products. Instead, the company needs to do adequate research to find solutions that would prove most beneficial to pets.Remember, feeding your pet with CBD-infused products will affect their behavior. So, you’re going to put your pet’s health at risk if you let them consume CBD from sketchy brands.

Request For The Certificate Of Analysis (COA)

As mentioned above, it’s essential to ask for third-party lab results from a particular CBD brand. This document is the COA, which can be a PDF file stating that an independent, third-party lab tested the product. The document contains different pieces of vital information. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the data on the file to help you see if the CBD-infused product is safe for your pet or not. Some important elements to check in the document include the potency of CBD, the existence of contaminants or pesticides, and safety warnings.

Also, check if the third-party laboratory is good manufacturing practice (GMP)-certified and a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-registered facility. Confirm these certifications first before buying CBD products from a particular brand to ensure you’re serving safe and high-quality goods to your animal companion.

Check The Extraction Method

Different CBD extraction methods exist, such as alcohol, carrier oil, and Rick Simpson extraction techniques. But, many brands swear by using the carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction method than other CBD removal practices. This is because CO2 extraction uses a pressurized version of the compound to pull CBD from the cannabis plant. CO2 acts as a solvent at a specific temperature and pressure range. However, this technique should possess none of the risks in other extraction methods. 

Moreover, some CO2 extraction practices, such as the supercritical extraction method, allows the compound to fill containers while maintaining the mixture’s density. These procedures allow for ideal chemical extractions since they won’t cause damage to the final product. Thus, consider searching for CBD pet products made from CO2 extraction techniques. In return, giving these goods to your pet should provide reduced risks of adverse effects, while promoting excellent animal health.

Ask Your Veterinarian

If, at this point, you’re still unsure about the CBD-infused pet product you want to purchase, consider asking your veterinarian. This animal professional can help alleviate some doubts and worries about using this organic compound on your pet. One inquiry you might have in mind is, “Is CBD the correct solution?”  Keep in mind that this natural substance can be an excellent solution for your pet’s health concerns. But, it might not be the best’ one. 

CBD might seem like a ‘wonder drug’ for different pet health concerns, however this compound might adversely interact with certain medications. For example, a particular CBD-infused product might interact with blood pressure medicines. As a result, your pet pooch might have lower-than-average blood pressure, causing additional complications on their well being. 

Always keep in mind that prevention is better than cure. Ensuring that your pet is taking CBD based on the advice of a veterinarian decreases the risks of unwanted effects. Conversely, your animal companion might have already consumed CBD before going to the vet, which resulted in an adverse reaction, like diarrhea, lethargy, or fatigue. If so, don’t hide these pieces of information from your veterinarian. They’ll do everything they can to help improve the animal’s condition.

Key Takeaway

Only buy CBD-infused products for pets from trusted brands and manufacturers. Avoid sketchy companies and make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of purchasing cheaper priced products in hopes of saving money. Remember, you’re buying these products to improve the wellbeing of your beloved animal companion. The last thing you’d want is to feed them with CBD products that are of poor quality and, worse, didn’t pass government standards.

Furthermore, it would be best to talk to a veterinarian before providing any CBD-infused product to your pet. Doing this will keep your animal companion safe from adverse effects.

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