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How to Care for Fish in a Freshwater Aquarium


Keeping fish as pets has a host of benefits, but they require good care. Click here to learn how to care for fish in a freshwater aquarium.

Did you just buy a freshwater fish? First of all, that’s awesome!  Keeping fish as pets has a host of benefits, but they require quality care. We want to make sure that your freshwater fish live a long, happy life. Aquarium care is crucial for caring for them properly. Check out these tips below because we are going to show you how to care for your fish in a freshwater aquarium.

How to Care for Fish

The best thing about setting up an aquarium for freshwater fish is that care is basic and straightforward. Before you fill the aquarium up, make sure that the water has the proper type of water. Although you can use well-water or bottled spring water, tap water is the recommended choice for freshwater fish. For the best results, ask the store associate about the proper water chemistry needed for your fish.

Acclimate Your Fish

Acclimation is the process of getting your fish used to its new environment. Remember, fish are fragile, so if you change their environment quickly, you may put the fish in “shock” or injure the fish. Start by taking the bag your fish came in, and gently float the bag in the water of your aquarium. Do this for at least fifteen minutes, so the water in the bag matches closely to the temperature in the water. After your bag has been ‘floating’ for fifteen minutes, open the seal and slowly lower the bag into the water and let the fish swim into the aquarium.

Condition The Water of Your Aquarium

Water quality is vital for the overall well-being of your fish. If you do use tap water, you’ll to add special additives to the water, so the chemistry of the water is balanced correctly.  Tap water has some chlorine and phosphates in them, which can lessen the water quality. Add de-chlorinating supplements. These are located at your local pet store. Also, measure the pH levels in your tank. pH measures the alkalinity, which makes the fish more comfortable in its environment. Your freshwater pH levels should be around 6.8 and 7.8.

Maintain the Water Temperature

A change in temperature in the water is not very pleasant to your fish. Make sure that your aquarium isn’t near an open window, heater, or air conditioner.  Extreme changes in temperature can make your fish sick and may even kill your fish.

Keep up With Cleanliness

To ensure excellent fish care, always clean your fish tank periodically. Clean your fish tank at least once a week. Although living organisms like phytoplankton are good food for a freshwater ecosystem, you don’t want your fish tank to gain a murky green color with algae build-up. Transplant your fish and empty your fish tank. Clean the sides and bottom with warm water and repeat the process of setting up your fish aquarium as described above.

You’ve Done It!

A pet fish is an excellent addition to any loving household. With proper care and routine maintenance, your freshwater fish will be thriving in its environment for years to come. Through this article, we hope you are more knowledgeable about fish caring. All in all, use these tips to care for your fish the right way!

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