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How to Automatically Feed Your Cat while Far from Home


As a fantastic pet owner who loves the cats, you will do anything to make them comfortable although at times you will be forced to be away from them due to work and the commuter traffic. In such occasions, an automatic cat feeder is required to assist in feeding them without breaking their normal routine. You are only required to fill it with cat’s food and chances of your cat missing meals at a stipulated time will be minimal. This will help you save a lot of time and energy compared to manual methods. There are different types of automatic cat feeders meant for:

  1. Dry Food

This is cat food that contains less than 10% of water. The food is packed in several paper bags which have plastic walls and seals to keep the food dry during storage. The automatic cat feeders are appropriate for food with less moisture. You simply put it in the container, distribute and put it inside the feeder and you are free to leave.

  1. Wet Food

Wet food has above three-quarters of water. The food is packed in cans but also it can be in bags to prevent it from getting bad. You have to buy some ice packs to keep the food fresh. Also, you may put the cans in the freezer before putting them in the feeder. Ensure that you remove excess water before putting it in the machine.

  1. With Water Bowl

To give your cat food and water at a specified time and in a good way, some feeders have characteristics allowing them to give the cat food and water interchangeably. Ensure you get a feeder with a simple design for easy cleaning and that will ensure your cat gets enough water every day.

Before buying a cat feeder, you need to be able to tell the difference between good and bad feeders that are most effective for you and your cat. You will need to be conversant with the following:

The Accepted Foods Types

What you need to understand is whether your feeder can be used for dry or wet food by critically assessing it to be informed of which it is meant for. By doing this, you will understand how it works and therefore decide the one that suits your cat.

Feeding Compartments

Majority of the cat feeders have more than seven feeding sections. The more the sections, the more meals the feeder can accommodate. It is advisable to have a feeder that has more than ten feeding sections in cases where you have more than one cat.


Before buying your cat feeder, it’s advisable to assess the material. Products of low-quality will breakdown easily. For best automatic cat feeder, it’s advisable to buy feeders made of plastic, ceramic and stainless steel for durability and proper cleaning for hygiene purposes.


After buying the feeder, it’s advisable to clean it more than twice in a week to prevent germs, bacteria, and viruses from breeding which may bring sickness to the cat. It can also lead to breaking down of the feeder.


For those who love their cats but unable to be around them the whole day, they need to purchase the best automatic cat feeder which is effective for them and their cats. You can either choose a cat feeder for dry food, wet food or the one with a water bowl. In the purchase make sure you buy the one with the best material and has a suitable number of feeding compartments.

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