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How Often Should You Give Your Dog CBD Oil?

Nowadays more and more pet owners are turning to alternative health supplements like CBD oil to help manage pain, anxiety, seizures, and other health problems their dog may have. Learn more about how CBD oil can contribute to your dog’s health by checking our trusted resource that has moved here

While CBD oil can be very beneficial to your dog, it’s important to administer CBD in the right way so that your furry friend can reap all the benefits cannabinoids have to offer.

CBD Is 100% Safe and Non-Lethal

CBD oil is an all-natural substance that is extracted from hemp and contains very small traces of THC which is the psychoactive component found in cannabis. By law, CBD products should contain less than 0.3 THC. By the time the CBD is made into a tincture, there’s hardly any traces of CBD. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your dog getting stoned from CBD or experiencing any negative side effects.

CBD oil is a great alternative to prescription medication which can be harmful to your dog’s health. Some.medications are known to damage vital organs over time or even negatively affect the GI tract. Since CBD oil has no toxic properties you’ll never have to worry about it decreasing the quality of your pet’s health. 

The great thing about giving your dog a CBD oil supplement is that you don’t have to worry about your dog overdosing or accidentally consuming too much CBD because it is a non-lethal substance. However, pet owners shouldn’t be careless with how often they administer CBD oil to their pets. Although it’s impossible for your dog to overdose or die from CBD, consuming excessive amounts of this supplement can cause drowsiness, dry mouth, diarrhea, and possibly other non-life-threatening symptoms. 

Start With Small Doses

Whenever you are giving your dog a new medicine your best bet is to start.out with a small dose just to see how your pet reacts to it. The same concept applies when you begin to add CBD oil to your dog’s health regimen. Experts recommend that pet owners start off with small doses at regular intervals. Currently, veterinarians suggest 1-5mg per ten pounds during the first week. Once it’s clear that your dog is taking to the CBD well you can start increasing the dosage in increments.

Determining how often you should give your dog a CBD supplement. takes some time because you’ll have to watch how they respond to different dosages. If your let deals severe pain, anxiety or has a serious health condition you’ll want to make sure you are giving them enough CBD oil to alleviate their symptoms. If you notice that your dog is still experiencing symptoms after 30-45 minutes you should administer more CBD. The dosing frequency can vary depending on the severity of the ailment your dog has been diagnosed with. You can try administering the CBD oil every eight hours or at least two times a day.

Your Dog’s Behavior Will Let You Know If It’s Working 

If you want to know whether the CBD oil is actually improving your dog’s condition just watch how they start to behave. Have you noticed that your dog is more active? Or perhaps their appetite has increased and they are eating all of their food. Pet owners know their dogs and can tell when they are happier and healthier. If you’ve noticed some positive changes in your dog’s behavior chances are the CBD is working well. 

If you plan on using CBD oil for the long term you will have to periodically increase the dosage to maintain the desired effects.

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