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How Can You Groom Your Cat Without Both Getting Stressed Out?

Considering that cats spend hours grooming themselves, your first attempt to bathe your pet cat or clip their nails, clean their ears, etc. can be a shocker. They are likely to wriggle out of your grasp, bite you, use their claws aggressively, and hiss angrily to show their displeasure. The exercise can leave both the cat and its owner stressed out; however, it does not have to be always like this. While it is true that it is a rare cat that enjoys being groomed, you can certainly make the process far less traumatic with the help of a few useful tips:

Start When Your Cat Is Young

A good strategy to make your cat not resist grooming is to get her used to being touched when it is a kitten. Make a gentle start just by touching her paws, head, underbelly, ears, etc. When you are confident that your kitten is used to you handling her, you can try to give her a gently brushing or a massage and then over the next few days progress to other grooming activities without rushing it. Keep the bathing for the last as cats just don’t like water on their bodies. You should also initiate toilet training when your cat is young. You also need to keep a watch on their diet and attend to urinary tract infection that cats are prone to. Visit to learn more.

Groom Only When Your Cat Is Relaxed

Grooming your cat does not have to become a battle if both of you approach it calmly. You also need to make sure that your cat is in a relaxed mood and is receptive to being groomed. This means that if she is in a playful mood chasing birds and butterflies or anxious because it is raining, it is not a good time to initiate a grooming exercise. According to, it is also important that you consider grooming your cat only when the house is relatively peaceful and there is no frenzy of activity with people coming and going. 

Be Prepared Before Starting

Good grooming is all about being prepared both mentally and with the right supplies. Decide what each grooming session will tackle and arrange all your supplies beforehand. Research what you need and get the best possible products specific to cats. There is a wide variety of combs, shampoos, ear cleaners, brushes, dental cleaners available but be sure to choose products that are gentle and appropriate for your cat. The first grooming activity you do should be trimming the nails as otherwise; your cat could easily hurt you with an irate swipe. However, in any activity, the best thing to do is to take it slowly and with as many breaks in between as necessary.


If you have a house cat, you must groom it regularly. You mustn’t rush into it, know what you want to do, and allow your cat to relax. It can help to someone that that cat is familiar with who can hold, pet, and try to relax her while you do the grooming.

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