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Healthiest Dry and Wet Cat Food to Keep Your Cat Healthy and Happy

Imagine yourself standing in the pet supply store with so many options to choose from for your little cat to keep her healthy and happy. All with the tags claiming to have good vitamins and minerals in their can, make it very difficult for you to choose from that which is the most healthy dry cat food. Of course, your fluffy little cat cannot choose for herself, it’s you who have to choose the best and healthy dry cat food for him/her. Be careful while choosing the food for your cat; the food you will choose for her will have an impact on her health, well-being, and life quality.

Choose the food containing all the vital nutrients for your cat – nutrients are the substances we get from food to stay healthy and to grow properly. Any nutritional deficiency can lead to illness so be careful while choosing food for your cat. Cats have different food and nutrients requirements at different life stages and can have different food preferences as well.

At the weaning stage, kittens do not need any special or extra food because they are also dependent upon mother feed (weaning starts at 4 months and ends at almost 8 to 10 months). It is started with simpler food and water. When kittens are steady on his/her feet and their eyes are open, solid food can be introduced.

Whereas adult cats need more nutritious and healthy food, to meet their nutritional needs. Food requirements depend upon physical activity and size. Choose the most healthy dry cat food to keep your cat physically active and mentally happy.  

Nutritional requirements of a cat

All the cats have a different nutritional requirement at different stages of life

Like humans, cats also need all the vital nutrients to fulfill their bodies’ basic needs. There are so many healthy food options available in the market that contains all the essential nutrients. There are few essential nutrients cats need to stay healthy;


Carbohydrates are not typically considered as an essential nutrient for cats, but cats need them for high digestibility and as a good energy source. Almost all healthy dry cat foods contain carbohydrates and play a critical role in a cat’s body.


Cats are carnivores and get all of their protein from an animal source. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and protein is the building block of organs and tissues. Protein is also an integral part of enzymes, antibodies, and hormones. Most healthy dry cat food contains protein to fulfill the nutritional requirement of cats.


Along with healthy dry cat food all cats should have access to clean and fresh water, do not compromise on your cat’s health with a limited quantity of water. Water is an excellent source of hydration and is required to perform various body functions; 


Animal fats are considered the main source of energy for cats. Fats present in meat and fish are considered as ‘’good fats’’ and other fatty acids; omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids help in maintaining good physical and mental health. Fats are a good source of energy along with maintaining body temperature and help in absorbing fat-soluble vitamins such as; vitamins A, D, E, and K.


Vitamins are essentials for all mammals and are required to maintain normal body functions. Most of the vitamins are available in cat’s food, which is why it’s very crucial to choose the most healthy dry cat food for your pet containing all the vital nutrients. A few of the essential vitamins the cat’s body need are


Similar to vitamins, minerals also play an integral role in enzyme formation, PH balance, utilization of nutrients, and oxygen transportation. Try to choose the best healthy dry cat rich in minerals for the proper functioning of body parts. Some of the vital minerals are;

Avoid if:

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