The year 2017 was terrific for Instagram lovers: Beyoncé gained a cult following for her pregnancy announcement (with around 11 million people), while Cristiano Ronaldo’s videos gathered about 7 million people loving his soccer prowess’s spoils. Bust just as Instagram suggested back then, 2017 was the year of the pet, and 2018 did not fall short either. Who needs artists and sports legends when you have adorable kittens, fun dogs, and brilliant furry buddies to love and to follow? Today, we will show you our top pet Instagram choices to share the love!

1. jiffpom

When you rank as the number one pet Instagram account in the social network’s Year in Review (2017), you have little to say in completion. Jiff the Pomeranian is a true-and-tested Instagram superstar, with almost 9 million followers and a photo portfolio worthy of a supermodel.

Jiff is way more than a dog; he is the sun-and-stars of his parents, the ultimate toy dog, and the proud advocate of fun. He loves fashion and accessories and looks fantastic together with dog toys. He will make you laugh wholeheartedly even in the rainiest of days. Follow his account, recommend his mom some terrific Pomeranian-specific toys from toypetreviews, love him and get inspiration for your own furry friend’s Instagram account.

He was the sun that shone the brightest in 2017 in the Instagram pet department, proving once more that the Internet was invented for pet pics.

2. Pumpkin the Raccoon

You will not find a fan of the Dark Tower book series by Stephen King not to secretly wish they had their own Oy as a pet. Pumpkin the Raccoon is as closest to Oy as you will ever get. So if you have a very soft spot for raccoons and dogs, this Instagram feed is the best place to find yourself at any hour of any day.

Pumpkin’s story is both sorrowful and very happy. Rosie Kemp found Pumpkin one day, as the one-month raccoon fell from a tree and had a broken leg. The Bahamas authorities could not host Pumpkin, so Rosie took her. Once she got better, Pumpkin went to Rosie’s daughter Laura, who adopted the raccoon and welcomed her as a member of the family.

The furry wonder soon became the sister of the family’s two rescue dogs (that Pumpkin consider to be her moms), and now they share a family, a home, lots of fun, and one of the best Instagram pet feeds to follow today and forever.

Pumpkin may think about herself she is a dog, just like Oreo and Toffee, but she looks like Oy ended up in our reality as a girl and is now ready for a new adventure.

3. Calico the Hedgehog

If you need an antidote for a bad day, head over to Calico’s Instagram profile and take a look at the hedgehog’s pictures and adventures. You will feel no more pain, sadness, or anger as Calico does magic to one’s soul.

This particular African pygmy hedgehog loves to travel, and we would not be surprised to learn that this overload of cuteness also keeps a travel and adventure blog. After all, this is probably the world’s most-traveled hedgehog by the pictures of the White House, the Glacier National Park, or Seattle’s Space Needle. Besides donning spectacular costumes and outfits, Calico also celebrates all holidays in style so that you can feast your eyes for hours with the Instagram feed.

Calico has over 70 k followers, fits inside a coffee mug, wears a flowery summer straw hat like nobody else, and loves to make friends. The cheapest form of psychological and spiritual therapy, Calico will put a smile on your face no matter how grim things look.

4. maya_on_the_move

Speaking of traveling pets with a keen sense of fashion, we have to include Maya the Bulldog on this list. Maya loves to have adventures in New York and Los Angeles. To stand out of the crowd (and these cities do sports crowds of well-dressed divas), Maya sports only the best clothes and accessories.

However, she has a bright career ahead of her as a professional cosplayer, as her impersonation of Lady Liberty, the Amazing Spiderman, Little Red Riding Hood, or Holly Golightly, among others.

Maya is a sweet sight any day you decide to visit her and a very gentle dog, allowing her parents to dress her up, turn her into a supermodel, and take her on all their holidays and trips. Bulldogs are indeed wondrous pets, funny looking and loving. They are among the three best dog breeds for children, so you may get your inspiration from Maya’s adventure if you consider extending your family with a four-legged member.

5. juniperfoxx

How would it be to have a fox as a pet? Is the fox more of a dog? Is it acting foxy? Juniper’s account reveals us insights into life with a fox, which is not a typical pet. Juniper is fantastic, playful, and fun, but caring for a fox requires more than fun and games.

Juniper’s owner Instagram account and website wants to be an educational instrument, a tool built for awareness and responsibility. Pet owners, in general, should learn a thing or two from Juniper and her evolution as a house animal.

Moreover, those interested in nontraditional pets (foxes especially) should follow both the Instagram feed and the blog to understand the intricacies and complications of sharing your life and home with a fox, and the lessons you can learn from such a unique experience.