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Dogs Parks in the USA – Part 2

Continuing with our list of America’s favorite dog parks, take a look below and see what locations interest you in case you want to make a few stops with your dog when traveling across the good ol’ USA:

Robert L. Nelson Dog Park: Dog Park Built For Human Accommodations

Most dog parks are built exclusively with dogs in mind.  Of course this is a wonderful thing, but for those of you who are traveling through Indiana and would like to stop at a dog park that provides a comparable setting for its human visitors, look no further than the Robert L. Nelson Dog Park.

This facility is located in the northern part of Indiana. There is a huge pavilion built with an A-line roof that shades its guests from the hot sun or rainy weather. There are plenty of comfortable chairs and tables to relax in while you watch your dog play outside in safety, protected by a fenced-in area. Robert L. Nelson Dog Park is located at 60376 C.R. 13, Goshen, Ind.

Friends Forever Dog Park: Best Dog Park For Agility Exercise

Located throughout 9 acres of beautiful real estate, the Friends Forever Dog Park provides everything that an athletic dog needs for both physical and mental stimulation. The facility is located in the northern part of Illinois and even comes complete with a dog pool to keep your pet wet and comfortable during the hot summer months.

The agility equipment and exercise platforms were built specifically for dogs that enjoy the challenge of vigorous play. They consist of dog walks, jumps, weave poles, and an A-frame. The Friends Forever Dog Park is located at 966 Rudy Road, Freeport, ILL.

Kenton Paw Park: Amazing Dog Owner Workshops

What makes Kenton Paw Park so unique amongst the hundreds of other dog parks across the United States of America is the fact that this facility hosts workshops designed to educate dog owners with training and socialization for their pets. In fact, the dog park was built with socialization training at the top of the list.

Located in the state of  Kentucky, this park has a full schedule of calendar events that teach dog owners everything from basic dog training techniques to fun games to play with your dog. The park even hosts dinner events and pool parties. And all of these popular classes that are taught to dog owners are hosted by three local veterinarians whom donate their time. You can find Kenton Paw Park at 3950 Madison Pike, Covington, Ky.

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