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Dog Feeding: How Much is Good Enough to Keep Them Healthy?

Being a dog owner is a feeling no one can describe in words. But unlike other companions, you need to put a lot of effort into making them comfortable around you and your family. Admittedly, the process leads to exploring a lot of questions. Among the many queries, diet and nutrition are usually the most searched questions. And why not when you want to keep your pal healthy for years to come. 

To begin with, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to how often they should eat. But experts suggest starting with twice a day. Are you feeling guilty that you are eating yummy treats thrice a day and your dog gets to eat just twice a day?

Well! Honestly, it doesn’t have to be that way. Keep reading, and you’ll find more about it!

How Often Should a Dog Eat?

As we mentioned before, even veterinarians suggest going for twice a day food-frequency. However, if you have a dog with any medical issue or special dietary requirements, there might be some more restrictions attached. So, once you figure it out, you need to talk to your dog’s doctor to ensure that your dog is getting all the nutritional needs. 

Having said that, the breed also plays a role in deciding the frequency of your dog’s food. Usually, large dogs require more feedings because of their size compared to small or medium breed dogs. Further, age is also an important consideration when it comes to “how often should you feed your dog?” 

Now let’s talk about the feeding schedule!

If you are thinking of going with the free-feeding style (in this case, you leave the food available to dogs at all times), it won’t do more harm than good. It will be challenging to track your dog’s intake with this schedule. 

Also, if you have multiple dogs, you won’t be able to manage the diet needs or requirements for all your dogs. It might result in obesity or other issues. This is the reason why you must stick to a schedule to avoid your companion from grazing. Encouraging good mealtime behavior would be beneficial in many ways. 

Once you settle the time and portions, you must keep an eye on the type of food you’re giving them.

Dog Food: What is Good For Them?

While commercially manufactured kibble might be the food of choice for many. But experts and doctors often recommend opting for options that are digestible and free of any artificial flavors. Why natural? It’s because it contains most ingredients from natural sources like bully sticks for dogs from is a dog chew that comes from an animal source. 

This ensures they are getting what they need to promote their health and increase their energy levels. Going for natural options also makes sure their coats are shinier, and their breath is better. 

Wrapping up

Nutrition is the foundation of any living being. Like humans, dogs also need a proper diet at the correct times for a healthy life. So, are you feeding your dog at the right time?

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