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Do Sugar Gliders Make Good Pets?

Do sugar gliders make good pets? Are they a great addition to your family and home? Read on to find out the truth about sugar gliders here.

Sugar Gliders are active little marsupials that make their home in Australia, New Guinea, and Indonesia. For years, people have been keeping them as pets. If you can’t have a dog or a cat due to allergies, it may be a good idea for you to join the club.  Do sugar gliders make good pets? The answer here is yes and no. They require quite a bit of maintenance and can be a little expensive but the bond you’ll share with them will be irreplaceable.  Keep reading to learn more about bringing an adorable little sugar glider into your home.

Why They’re the Perfect Pet 

If you have allergies your sugar glider might not set them off. That’s not the only reason why they make good pets, however. 

They Keep Themselves Clean

As long as you feed your sugar glider the right diet, you’ll never have to worry about them smelling up your home.  They’re pretty good at keeping themselves clean so they never need to be bathed. Since Sugar Gliders are marsupials and not rodents, they don’t have the same chewing tendencies. This means they won’t destroy your house or property while they’re out of their cage.  

Your Sugar Glider Will Bond With You 

It may take a few weeks but your sugar glider will bond with you. Once that happens they’ll want to be as close to you as possible.  When you let them out of their cage, they’ll hop on your shoulder or ride in your pocket without a fuss. 

Why They Make Bad Pets

Sugar gliders can be cute little cuddle bugs but there are downsides to having one. The initial hit to your wallet is the biggest obstacle. 

The Expense

You can’t get a birdcage from your local pet store and place your sugar glider in it. Well, you could but your glider wouldn’t be happy. Sugar gliders need space and toys to jump around on.  Fulfilling your sugar gliders diet needs may also prove difficult. Since they aren’t native to the U.S their food is hard to find and doesn’t come cheap. It’s also a good idea to get more than one sugar glider since they are social animals.


Sugar gliders spend the majority of the day sleeping in their pouches. This makes it more difficult to play with them because they’ll want to be awake while you’re asleep.  They’re also pretty hyperactive. If you’re a light sleeper they may prevent you from getting your beauty rest. 

Do Sugar Gliders Make Good Pets? Yes and No 

Do sugar gliders make good pets? The answer is yes and no. They’ll bond with you and want nothing more than to be with you. You won’t have to bathe them either.  The problem is that they’re expensive to maintain and they might keep you up at night. If you’re pretty nocturnal yourself and have the funds to keep them happy though, go ahead and take one of these adorable babies home with you today.  Need help taking care of your new furry friend? Check out our blog daily for all the latest pet care news and advice. 

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