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We do not publish printed guidedbooks or magazines

We have NEVER published any pet related print publication and have no plans to do so in the future. Last August (2012) it was brought to our immediate attention that website visitors and advertisers of a certain printed pet publication (which apparently also publishes a website) were confused and possibly being led to believe (whether, in their opinion, it was intentional or unintentional on our part) that we ( were “one in the same”. We would like to make it perfectly clear that we do not print and/or publish ANY printed pet guides or magazines (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annually) and have NO association whatsoever with any of the other guides or magazines currently published in the DelMarVa Region. This does not mean that we don’t have good things to say about our “competitors”. Some of these publications, such as Maryland Dog Magazine and The Virginia-Maryland Dog Magazine, are quite attractive, professional and well written and we recommend them highly! We at are of the opinion that “the more, the merrier” (in reference to “competitors”) as long as we are all trying to actively promote the plight of the region’s homeless animals. As has always been said, “there is strength in numbers” and we do hope others share our mantra.

Again, we would like to reiterate that it has never been our intention to “confuse” website visitors or any other publication’s readers or advertisers. We publish the ORIGINAL “” website, with an emphasis on advocacy for the DelMarVa Region’s animal welfare organizations. Any money made through the sale of advertising currently goes towards the costs of operating our website (All non-profit businesses receive free advertising and promotions through our site. For-profit businesses, by paying a small annual fee to be listed in our guide (directory), are in effect paying/defraying the costs associated with web hosting and site maintenance, allowing us more funds to promote our animal and pet related charitable causes!

We do not own/run a retail pet store (brick and mortar) or an animal shelter or pet rescue

We occasionally receive phone calls asking “when is our animal shelter is open?” or “where is our pet store located?”. We operate neither of these but for some reason the phone book and some other online directories have listed us in these categories. We do not know who did this but it was done in error. We just publish a pet website which promotes animal welfare and includes directory of pet businesses, photo galleries, articles, news and a pet events calendar.

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