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Custom Pet Portraits: Why Getting One Done Is A Good Idea

Pets are like family to the home that they belong to. As they stay in your home for many years, you create beautiful memories together, and these memories will be in your heart forever. Therefore, as you keep photos of your family members, you keep custom portraits of your pets as well.

This article gives you all the reasons why you should have custom portraits of your pets done.

  1. You will have wonderful stories to tell about your pets, for many years to come.

Long after your pets have left your home, all that you have left with you are beautiful memories that can last for a lifetime. These memories constitute the stories that you are going to tell your children and even your grandchildren. If you have kids right now, they  will remember the wonderful memories that they’ve spent with your pets.

The easiest way for you to be reminded of memories is through the photos that make you feel like your pets are still with you. One way for you to post photos of your pets as memorabilia on your wall is through canvas prints, like those from Canvas Creatures –

  1. Custom pet portraits allow you to capture the best shots of your animals.

The same holds for man: whenever a professional photographer takes the photo, there seems to be a whole new perspective of people. Photographers are gifted with the skills to spot the best shots, which is a talent that you may not have. This fact is no different from pets. They deserve to get the best shots as well, and it is through custom portraits that you can achieve the same.

For example, photographers know how to make use of the following to get the best shots:

Remember that the pets you once raised and became a part of your family, will change your life forever. Keep these memories alive, through custom portraits.

  1. Portraits of your pets serve as excellent conversation starters.

When a guest walks into your house, the first thing that they would most likely notice is your interiors, your decorations, and your family memorabilia. No matter how simple or extravagant your home may be, it is the tiny, priceless and sentimental pieces that are unique to your home that makes an impact and a lasting impression on their minds. One of these is your photographs, even that of your pets.

Realtors have also found that it is quite an uncommon sight to see many family homes put up photos of their pets, as houses are usually clad with images of their family members. When a visitor walks in a home and finds pictures of animals, for example, this feeds their curiosity, where they start to talk and converse with the homeowners about the same. Photos of your pets are great conversation starters.

  1. Looking at your pets’ portraits can help you feel more relaxed and happier.

Ever noticed that when you stare at your pets, for some reason, you just feel a little bit more relaxed and happier? The same holds when you are looking at your pet in person or a photograph. Even if your pet has already long been gone, this doesn’t mean that you have to bury that happiness you had with them.

Whenever you feel down, anxious, sad, or whatever negative emotion it is that you are feeling in the day, take the time to look at your pets’ photos. Imagine the pure innocence and simple happiness that your dog once had. Imagine the excitement of your cat, as you walked back home to hug them after a long day of being out of the house. These renewed feelings will also make your reality feel so much better.

  1. Custom pet portraits can be an excellent decorative piece to your pets’ sleeping area, too.

More than just the sentimental value, custom pet portraits can also give you an aesthetic value that can be added to a room. Just as you would decorate your bedroom with your photos, you should do the same as well in your pets’ houses, or their sleeping areas.

Yes, your pets won’t get to appreciate it, but it will add a sense of coziness to your home. These little photos can help make your home look like every little bit of detail is well-thought.


A house is not a home without all your memories in it. It is this compilation of memories that make every home unique. One of the best ways for you to freeze these memories is for you to post photos of your family members all over your home. Part of these family members is your pets. Do not forget to take pictures of them, and post them up around your house, too.

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