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Chihuahuas 101: Know These Facts Before Bringing One Home

You often see them in chick flicks. Some rich lady carrying a Chihuahua in her purse all dolled-up usually adorned in some expensive jewelry or a designer dog hoodie. That’s probably why they are called ‘purse dogs’.

Chihuahuas are an easily recognizable dog breed particularly famous for their playful and dynamic personality. If you love these tiny little pups and are planning on bringing one home, you might want to first equip yourself with information shared in this post.

An ideal environment for Chihuahuas

This tiny little breed is a desert-dweller. That’s why they don’t tolerate cold and chilly weather all too well. Even if your pooch is particularly long-haired, they would still prefer a warm climate over an air-conditioned room any day.

As a thumb rule, you generally assume a particular breed to have a more or less a consistent personality. That rule doesn’t apply to chihuahuas. Like humans, each pup in this breed will have a unique personality and nature. Their temperament is often hard to predict. You may never know what kind of nature your puppy will have as an adult.

Grooming/care routine

Chihuahuas are a particularly hypoallergenic breed. That’s right. They fall on the high-maintenance side of the curve. A quick search will tell you that these pups don’t shed, but let us break it to you – they do shed! However, they don’t shed excessively and as long as you groom them regularly, hair all around the place won’t be a problem.

Remember, Chihuahuas have two types

The short hair variety is generally easier to take care of in terms of grooming. You can bathe them every week or every other week and they’ll be good to go. Also, they don’t shed as much as long-haired ones. The latter will need regular brushing otherwise they could form tangles.

You might want to avoid that from happening because tangled hair can be quite messy and tough to deal 

with for you and dog as well.

Additionally, you will have to go for hair trimming every so often particularly around their private parts. 

This is essential to avoid poop from getting stuck in their fur.

Temperament and family bonding

Chihuahuas are unequivocally a fun-loving and family dog. They are by no means meant for guarding. If you have kids – they can be a particularly great addition to the family. However, do remember that their looks can be deceiving. Particularly kids can have difficulty judging their weight and that might result in the pup accidentally getting hurt.

In terms of temperament, this breed is generally friendly and active who will partake in all kinds of activities.

Chihuahuas are excellent companion dogs since they bond easy. Their tiny stature makes them ideal for carrying out. If you are single and living in a tiny apartment you can easily share your place with a Chihuahua.

Their low-grooming needs often appeal to many who can’t invest too much time and money on maintenance.

Health and life span

They can live anywhere between 12-20 years depending on how well you care for them. Since they are the smallest dog breed, they do have a unique set of health concerns that need addressing from time to time.

Though they are less prone to falling sick, they are quite likely to get physically hurt if you’re not careful enough. Since they are often fearless, they would jump from too high a place or get stepped-on easily. It’s not unheard of for Chihuahuas to get in a fuss with other dogs.

Do watch out for all such things.

This breed often has crooked and uneven teeth which allow tartar to build up easily. With that said, remember to brush them as often as you can to ensure dental health and hygiene.

Chihuahuas are also prone to liver shunts so be on the lookout for any liver-related symptoms.

Additionally, due to their large eyes, they are prone to corneal ulcers and eye scratches. While you can’t do much to prevent these things from happening, being careful can prevent them to some degree. If any of these things do happen, be sure to call a vet for immediate assistance.

Final word

Chihuahuas are an excellent dog bred. But, once you equip yourself with the right information you can see whether or not they are ideal for your family.

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