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Chick Feeds for Different Growth Stages

Considering you want a healthy growing chick, you need to pay attention to its dietary requirements in its first eight weeks. Chicks need to eat right, and providing rations of balanced diets is the best way to help them grow and thrive. Young chicks or hatchlings between 1 – 18 weeks should be fed rations of feeds highly rich in protein, as it guarantees their successful transition into maturity. 

A young chick typically needs higher protein feed to help them transcend healthy to older, more robust chicks. Their protein requirement at this stage is usually higher than when old. As a result, the feed given to a chick should change over time to maintain a nutritional balance. 

Categories of Chick Feed and Nutritional value

There are various types of feed special to different kinds of chickens, whether meat-producing birds or laying birds. 

The Feeds for laying birds are;

Growth Stages of Chicks and Their Feeding Roadmap

Chicks grow fast! You diligently observed if there is a need for quality changes or readjustment in their feeding patterns. These growth stages and their applicable feeds are as follows;

The transition of your chicks into adulthood and the flock’s overall productivity depends on proper feeding and all other perks of traditional poultry farming. As such,  prioritizing a quality feed early on for your chicks will set them growing healthy.

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