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Causes of Aggression in Dogs and How to Stop It


If your friendly and well-behaved dog suddenly becomes aggressive, it can be a serious behavioral issue that needs to be addressed. Even though aggression cannot be cured overnight, hemp oil for dogs can curb your dog’s aggressive nature and help him remain calm. But, it is also essential to know the underlying problem of aggression first and deal with it. Even though there is no universal list of aggression labels, there are different causes of aggression that these keep changing. Here are some of the most frequently seen types of aggression in dogs –

Defensive Aggression

When a dog feels threatened, instead of being afraid, he might try to protect itself by attacking. They will attack first rather than retreat to overcome the threat in front of them. Such dogs will exhibit a defensive posture and then charge any person or animal that they see as a threat. Dogs generally give a few subtle signs when they want to be alone, such as moving their heads away before they charge towards the other person or animal.  

Fear Aggression

Fear aggression is triggered by a situation where the dog feels that he has no other option but to respond with aggression. When a dog is fearful of a person or an animal, it will try to get away from them. But, when they feel cornered, they will bite. Dogs with fear aggression will first make a submissive posture but will attack anyone who reaches out to them. 

Territorial Aggression

Dogs, just like wolves, are territorial animals. Some dogs will have a stronger territorial tendency than other dogs and will attack anyone who tries to invade or take over their territories, such as their home or turf. If your dog has been aggressive at home when you have guests, it might be territorial aggression where they see the guests as an intruder.

Possessive Aggression

For animals, survival depends on their ability to guard their food, partner and their home from other animals or intruders. Even though dogs do not have to deal with such situations anymore, they might show this survival instinct by being possessive. Dogs with possessive aggression will reveal it only when someone tries to take something from them, such as their toy, food, water, or their bed. Hemp oil for dogs can help calm the dog and make him more capable of learning new things.

Frustration Aggression

Dogs can become aggressive if they are frustrated with the behavior of another person or animal. If the dog is not able to get something they want, they will show their frustration by being aggressive. Such type of aggression is often seen in dogs that are tied up for long periods or restrained on a leash.  

Sex-Related Aggression

If your dog is trying to get access to a mate and sees competition, they might show sex-related aggression. If you have two same-sex dogs, such aggression will be quite common. Even if your dog has been neutered or spayed, they still might show such behavior. 

Punishing your dog for his aggressive behavior will not be beneficial, and it might only escalate the aggression. Training and considering medication is the best way to help manage the problem. Be a patient and loving dog parent to help him through a difficult time and allow him to manage his aggressive tendencies. 


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