Horse Bridles

Buying Guide to Bridles

You may be able to ride a horse without a saddle, although it isn’t the safest idea, but few people can control their horses without a bridle. The bridle is designed to connect the bit in a horse’s mouth with the reins in the rider’s hands. This enables the rider to signal his horse to…

Horse Halter

Buying Guide to Halters

The halter is the first piece of tack most horses ever wear and usually the only piece they still wear after they are retired to the pasture. Halters are important because they can help horse owners control their animals in any number of situations. All halters basically have the same style. However, you can find…

Harnessed Horses

Buying Guide to Harnesses

If you want to have your horse pull a cart, a wagon or even a sleigh, you will need one important piece of tack, the harness. A harness connects your horse to the cart or other conveyance and gives you a way to control the horse. There are several harness models, from standard driving harnesses…

Horse Wearing Sweet Itch Blanket

Buying Guide to Horse Blankets

Since horse blankets are used for so many different reasons, it shouldn’t be surprising for you to find that there are several different types of blankets. It is important to use a horse blanket to cover your horse while he is cooling down. Of course, horse blankets are also essential for sheltering horses from harsh…

Quarter Horse with Saddle

Buying Guide to Saddles

While most people realize they will need a saddle to ride their horses, they may not be aware of all the reasons why they should use a saddle instead of riding bareback. Saddles are often more comfortable than riding bareback, since many horses have bony backs. A saddle also is safer than riding bareback, since…

Horse for Sale

Buying a Horse

You’ve finally decided that you want a horse of your own, so now you can simply go out and buy one, right? Well, a horse isn’t exactly as simple to own as a cute little kitten or a goldfish. Before you buy a horse, you will need to find a place to keep it. In…

Clydesdale Horse

The Horse – Breed Overview Part II

While most people who want a horse opt for one of the light horse breeds, there are other options. Heavy horse breeds were once used to fight wars, to farm or to pull large loads. Of course, if you are looking for a first horse for your child, you may want to look for a…

Appaloosa Horse

The Horse – Breed Overview Part I

The horse has been one of the most popular domesticated animals for centuries. While most people today ride horses to relax or compete in a variety of equestrian sports, these animals were once a primary mode of transportation. For the knights of the Middle Ages, the feared Ghengis Khan and cowboys throughout the world, horses…

Horses Feeding at the Trough

Feeding Your Horse

When you are caring for your horse, one of your most important responsibilities will be feeding him properly. Overfeeding grain to a horse can lead to a serious case of gas colic, which is an illness caused by a horse’s inability to burp. Gases develop in the horse’s digestive tract and cause the horse to…

Vaccinating a Horse

Horse Health

Many new horse owners are completely unaware that horses need to be vaccinated regularly, just as other pets do. However, since a horse is so large, providing these animals with preventative health care may be even more important than it is for dogs or cats. After all, you can’t exactly tuck a sick horse into…