How to Choose the Best Leash for Your Dog

Dog leashes have one function – keeping your dog safe and in control in public spaces. Dog leashes also help in corrective training, and they add to you and your dog’s comfort. Buying a dog leash is the best thing you can do for yourself and your dog. Imagine taking your dog for a walk,…

Doberman Pinscher with Choke Collar

Dog Training – Pros and Cons of Control Tools

Sometimes the distinction between training and control is too easily lost. Using commands and hand gestures, with leashes or treats, to solicit desired behavior is training. Using choke or ‘no-bark’ collars, electronic fences and similar devices is for control. Control isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Dogs naturally have and seek a social hierarchy in which…

Collie Dog Profile

Q & A: Metal Training Collar

Question: Metal Training Collar “I have researched dozens of books and purchased a handful of dog training videos. The one thing I noticed is that many of the obedience training articles and instructions recommend the use of a metal training collar rather than a nylon collar. Can you tell me why? Personally, I own a…