Easy Ways to Socialize Your Dog with Other Pets and Humans

Most dogs socialize in the first twelve weeks of their lives. During this time, they get used to people, interact with other canines, and learn their body language. It is essential to mention that not every puppy has a positive experience with socializing. For instance, some dogs in the shelter don’t have enough contact with…


Socializing A Shy Dog – Tips For Success

Social awkwardness and shyness is not strictly part of human discourse. Animals can also feel it too. If you own a shy dog, it can be better to remedy this problem sooner rather than later, before it becomes a natural personality trait the pet embeds in its behaviour. Socializing a shy dog requires a few…


How To Introduce Your Dog To Your New Cat!

They may be portrayed in cartoons and films as traditional enemies but it can be possible for dogs and cats to get on in the same household. If the situation is handled carefully, they could end up being life-long buddies. Follow this guide to introducing these four-legged family members to each other. Prepare the ground…

Dog with Horse

Dog Training – Your Dog Around Horses

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that your dog is much smaller than a horse. (Well, most are anyway.) Nevertheless, most horses are much more frightened of dogs than the reverse. That creates unique problems – for dog, horse and the person who has to govern both. In this case, unlike other animal training areas, it helps very…

Golden Retriever and Terrier Socializing

Dog Training – Socializing Your Dog

Dogs, like humans, show a wide range of tolerance for others. Some are immediately friendly with every new dog, cat or lizard. Others are forever hostile to even the opposite sex of their own breed. Considering dogs are by nature territorial the diversity is odd, but there it is. Naturally, animal lovers like to have…

2 Month Old German Shepherd Puppy

Q & A: A Timid German Shepherd

Question: A Timid German Shepherd “I have an 11-month-old German Shepherd. We got him from a private breeder at the age of 8 weeks. He was a very happy puppy, and to this day he has never been beaten (at least that I know of). But now, he’s such an introvert that it’s pitiful! He’s…