Dog Crossing His Paws

How To Teach Your Dog To Cross His Paws

A simple and adorable trick that you can easily teach your dog or puppy is to have her cross her paws. Many pets will do this by accident and it always puts a smile on my face when I witness this cute sitting posture. You can easily teach train your dog to lie down and…

Puppy with a Leather Leash

Your Leash Training Questions Answered

Leash training is hugely underestimated by new dog owners. The process of getting your puppy or adult dog used to being on leash is fairly simple and just takes a little bit of your time. Trust me, this small investment of properly training your dog to walk politely on his leash will pay high dividends…

Puppies Playing in Back Yard

The Key To A Confident & Happy Adult Dog

One of the major benefits of training your puppy early in its life is that it gets the opportunity for proper socialization which is critically important and an often overlooked key ingredient to a puppy’s education. What Exactly Does Proper Socialization Mean? Socialization is the process of providing your puppy the positive exposures it needs…