Five Tips For Training A Disobedient Dog

A disobedient dog isn’t always the fault of the owner, it might be the natural behavior of that dog’s breed or something that is part of that dog’s personality. Here are five tips for training a disobedient dog. Hire A Dog Trainer If all else fails, it might be worth hiring a professional for the…

Golden Retrieveing Puppy Sitting for Trainer

Dog Training – No, YOU Stay!

Dogs have a significant capacity for training their trainers. Apart from making us wave our hands and bark odd words, we regularly fetch treats and run after tennis balls. Not useful to us, but the dog enjoys it. To put things back the way they’re meant to be, assert your alpha status. One of the…

Dog Sitting for Trainer

Dog Training – No, YOU Sit!

Dogs can learn an amazing variety of behaviors, but few so fundamentally important as the ‘sit’. Beyond the basic need to establish that the human of the pair is the alpha (leader), it has a number of practical benefits. When a dog sits he’s more attentive, making it easier to follow further commands. His eyes…

Dog Laying Down for Trainer

Dog Training – No, YOU Down!

‘Nature to be commanded, must be obeyed’ said Francis Bacon. Nowhere more true than dog training. Dogs have a natural tendency to seek and adhere to a hierarchy with an alpha (leader) at the top on down to an omega at the bottom. ‘Down’ is one effective technique for enforcing your alpha status. It also…

German Shepherd Walking to Trainer

Dog Training – No, YOU Come!

Dogs aren’t really stubborn. But they often don’t clearly know what’s wanted. Make it clear by quickly establishing alpha (dominant leader) status. Be willing to exercise the patience and modest, firm force to get the desired behavior. This can be particularly challenging when training a ‘come’. Dogs naturally want to explore the environment. They sniff…

Angry Dog

Problem Dogs Are Made, Not Born

The personality of the canine develops most radically between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks. What the average family dog will eventually turn out to be is determined by the environment in which the puppy lives during that critical emotional time period. When an eight-week-old puppy comes into his new home, he arrives with…