Helping Your Dog Overcome Separation Anxiety

Although separation anxiety in dogs is a common issue, it can be tricky to resolve. If your furry friend becomes stressed, destructive or upset in your absence, it can be heart-wrenching to leave them alone.  However, being a constant companion won’t help your pooch to overcome their separation anxiety and may even make the problem…


Causes of Aggression in Dogs and How to Stop It

If your friendly and well-behaved dog suddenly becomes aggressive, it can be a serious behavioral issue that needs to be addressed. Even though aggression cannot be cured overnight, hemp oil for dogs can curb your dog’s aggressive nature and help him remain calm. But, it is also essential to know the underlying problem of aggression first…

Golden Retrievers Chewing Flip Flop

Dog Training – How To Stop Chewing

A dog’s jaw muscles are among his strongest. An average-sized Golden Retriever can untie the knot in a rawhide bone (or just chew it off) in minutes. If only they’d stick to those! The tendency to chew will vary from one breed – and one individual – to another. But most dogs will chew on…

Jumping Dog

Dog Training – Dealing With Jumping

Most dogs will display a tendency to jump on people at times. How often will vary with breed and by individual. One theory suggests that dogs are trying to get close to the person’s face – not to attack, but to interact. Other dogs, especially of the same breed, have faces close to their level…