Golden Retriever Eating

Golden Retrievers – Food Options

Like many other topics relating to food and health, it’s difficult to get objective information about proper diet. Many authors seem intent on bashing large companies and more interested in politics than pet food. That means anyone interested in finding out the scientific facts about what is and what isn’t good for their Golden Retriever…

Field Spaniel Dog

Field Spaniel Dog Breed Profile

The Field Spaniel is one dog breed that actually shares much of its early history with a similar breed called the English Cocker Spaniel.  Initially, the only difference between these two dogs was their size. The Field Spaniel was a bit larger due to its blood connection with Land Spaniels that weighed as much as…

English Setter Dog

English Setter Dog Breed Profile

Long before shotguns were used to kill birds when hunting, nets were used to catch the foul, which were helped by dogs that were trained to crouch whenever they pointed game. “Setters” as these dogs were called, were the foundation of today’s English Setter. The English Setter is the oldest dog known from these groups.…