Italian Greyhound Dog

Italian Greyhound Dog Breed Profile

Although the Italian Greyhound has been in existence for centuries, the exact origin of this beautiful breed of dog is completely unknown. There is evidence of artwork that dates back more than 2000 years ago that depicts these dogs in areas such as the Mediterranean, Greece, and Turkey. Italian Greyhounds were known as “Miniature Greyhounds”…

Silky Terrier Dog

Silky Terrier Dog Breed Profile

The Silky Terrier has an interesting point of origin. During the late 1800s, many Yorkshire Terrier dogs from England were brought to Australia. Most of these dogs were colors of tan and steel blue. They were then bred with Australian Terriers whom had tan and native blue colors. These breeding efforts were designed to create a…

Maltese Dog

Maltese – King & Queens of Affection

The best dog to get for those of you who are looking for something small, beautiful, and noble in stature, should be the Maltese. These adorable little white creatures were literally bred for companionship. After taking one look at a sweet Maltese, how could anybody ever get angry at this dog?  Is so gentle, friendly,…

Long Haired Chihuahua Dog

Chihuahua Dog Breed Profile

The Chihuahua is a popular favorite of the toy dog group among dog enthusiasts.  This spicy little character of a dog is extremely devoted and loyal to its owner.  Although reserved with strangers and a little aggressive towards other dogs, the Chihuahua can get along great with other indoor pets that you may have. Not…

Pomeranian Dog

Pomeranian Dog Breed Profile

Pomeranian dog breeds ironically have ancestors that were larger, tough sledding dogs. Then at some point these dogs were purposely bred down in size and even reached a point of miniaturization. Dog historians are not exactly sure what time period this breeding practice took place.  However, we do know that the area was probably located…

Pug Dog

Pug Dog Breed Profile

The Pug is a member of the toy dog group whose name is derived from the Latin word Pugness, which means “fist”. This perfectly describes their facial features as it can be said to look like a clenched up fist. This dog breed has been recognized by the AKC since the year 1886 and has…

Golden Retriever Dog

The Golden Retriever

So, you read THE WATCHER a dozen times, you’ve seen Golden Retrievers working as guide dogs, and now you want to buy a Golden Retriever puppy of your own. However, before you bring one of these cuddly yellow fuzz balls home, you need to be sure a Golden Retriever is really the right dog for…