Trimming Hair Near Dog's Eyes

Basic Eye Care For Your Dog

When it comes to puppy grooming, do not ignore proper eye care and safety. Some dog owners forget the little things when it comes to grooming their pet which can result in health problems in the future. Below are a few puppy eye-care pointers. 1. Guarding your puppy’s eyes from injury is important so be…

Cleaning a Dog's Ear

Basic Ear Care For Your Dog

I absolutely love rubbing my dog’s ears! Regardless of the shape and size, dog ears are adorable and most dogs melt with ecstasy when they get their ears rubbed. However, ear massages alone will not be enough to keep your dog or puppy’s ears healthy. Ears are one of the central breeding areas for yeast…

Dogs Walking

How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need?

In humans, the importance of exercise has been proven time and again. But what about our canine friends? Is it enough to just feed them properly and give them occasional walks? What are the benefits of exercise to dogs? All dogs need exercise Studies as well as experience have shown that dogs who are getting…

Woman Walking Her Golden Retriever

Walking, A Great Way To Exercise Your Dog

Did you know that your dog will become inactive, dull, and overweight if he is confined inside your home for long periods of time? Not only that, but he is also likely to develop some type of behavioral problem like excessive barking or chewing, and will have a tendency to develop an aggressive, destructive behavior.…

Dog Eating Chocolate Bar

Everything You Need To Know To Keep Your Dog Safe

Dogs, especially puppies, are naturally curious creatures. It is very easy for them to get hurt or injured just by being themselves and going about their normal business. You may catch them trying to swallow a big object, jump on and off high places, getting exposed to toxic household chemicals, or just bump into things…