Injured Dog in Road

Emergency First Aid For Dogs: Treatment Of Shock

Your dog can easily go into a state of shock, caused by any amount of pain, toxin, or injury. And when it comes to the treatment of shock, veterinarians are not in full agreement as to the term “treat for shock.” One side states that treating for canine shock includes the administration of intravenous fluids,…

Coughing Dog

Emergency First Aid For Dogs: Symptoms Of Shock

I’ll never forget my very first dog. Her name was Scarlet and she was the most well-behaved Golden Retriever anyone has ever seen. Loving, kind, playful and obedient – Scarlet was supposed to last forever – at least in my young mind. But my worst nightmare happened as I never expected to see her lying…

Dog with Cataracts

Canine Eye Problems & Solutions

To understand the various reasons why your dog may come down with a serious eye problem, you need know some important information on the genetic make-up of these animals. For example, the normal dog has eyelashes on the upper lid only. They are in three to four rows, so close together that they appear as…