Shelter Dogs in Cage

Q & A: An Insane Story!

Question: An Insane Story! “I was just talking with a professional breeder, who is also a close friend of mine, and she was telling me about a story out of a Los Angeles newspaper, back in the 1970s, where a woman rescued 53 stray dogs from a Los Angeles pound. She did the rescue because…

Sad Puppy Needs a Home

Disposable Dogs

When it comes to the emotional universe of human-animal relationships, perfection becomes a much coveted goal in the eyes of the dog owner. Everybody wants to have a dog that is in perfect health, perfect confirmation, and with the perfect temperament. But does this ideal canine really exist? While it is true that many animals,…

Training an Un-Neutered Dog

Training Non-Neutered Dogs

Not every dog gets spayed (removal of female reproductive organs) or neutered (removal of male organs). Whether through an intention to breed or other motive, many individuals leave their companions intact. Left with a full complement of nature’s hormones, these dogs can react differently than their surgically altered counterparts. Males with the normal amount of…

Rabbit Pellet Food

Q & A: Curing The Feces-Eating Dog

Question: Why Rabbit Pellets Can Cure The Feces-Eating Dog “Some time ago I picked up a magazine article in the latest issue of Dog World and a man wrote in to the editor that he was having a severe problem with his dog eating feces. This man’s pet would literally eat feces from any animal…