Barking Lab Puppy

How To Handle A Puppy That Barks For Attention

For any new dog owner, handling all of the loud barking of a new puppy can be quite an unnerving experience. Most new dog owners are not prepared for the intense amount of barking and yelping that young puppies start doing the minute they arrive in their new home.  Although it is totally natural, some…

Labrador Retrievers Behind Gate

Territorial Dog Aggression

All dogs have one form of aggression or another and to some degree, it is perfectly natural. However, since our pets are domesticated then there is a certain level of calmness that we should expect from them. The most common aggression behavioral problem that dogs display is called “territorial aggression”. To sum up the definition…

Golden Retiever Puppy

Top Tips For Training Your Golden Retriever

Once you have brought home your golden retriever, and have made him comfortable to the new surroundings, you have to begin training your golden retriever. In fact the sooner you start the training, the easier will it be for both you and your pet to lead a comfortable and happy life. Training is very important…

Greyfriars Bobby Statue

Q & A: Pet Memorial Day

Question: Pet Memorial Day “Is there really such a thing as Pet Memorial Day? If there is, when is it and why isn’t it publicized more?” Answer: This nation’s first Pet Memorial Day was conducted on June 11, 1972, culminating 10 years of work to inaugurate such an event. The original idea for such a…

Plott Hound - A Breed Recognized by the UKC

Q & A: What Is The UKC?

Question: What Is The UKC? “Could you please tell me what the UKC is and whether or not it is affiliated with the AKC? If so, then does a dog registered with the UKC automatically qualify for registration with the AKC?” Answer: The UKC has become the second-largest office for the registration of purebred dogs…


What To Do If You Find A Lost Dog Or Puppy

Puppies are most often chosen by their owner out of a litter.  In other words, one day you wake up and decide it’s time to get a puppy so you start looking for one through the paper or your local breeder.  But there are occasions when a wandering puppy walks in to someone’s life and…

Dog By Owners Grave

Dogs & ESP – Part 3

Most of us have had experiences that can possibly be attributed to ESP. It seems more than coincidence to find a friend’s telephone line busy because he or she is in the process of dialing your number. And how about the friend you haven’t thought about or seen in years, and then all of a…