The Numismatic Dog – Dog Coin Collecting – Part 2

The Norwegian coin features a Norwegian Elkhound and also comes with a full set of coins featuring animals and birds of that North country. These coins made their first appearance in 1958 and also included the moose, squirrel, grouse, and horse in their designs. At the collector’s discretion, one other coin could be added to…


The Numismatic Dog – Dog Coin Collecting – Part 1

For many centuries man has enjoyed a close relationship with the dog family, either as a foe or as a friendly companion. In their very earliest contact, the two realized that each could benefit the other. First, as a means of obtaining food and secondly as an inter-protective relationship. Unlike the cow and the horse,…

Dog with Trainer

Dog Training – Training the Trainer

Dog training philosophies vary as much as dogs and trainers do. Most professionals agree, however, that a large part of training dogs consists of training the trainers. Whether those trainers are pet owners or professionals they need many of the same attributes. Most dogs are neither stupid nor intelligent in the same way humans are.…

Puppy Mill Cruelty

The American Humane Association – How It Was Started

As one of the leading anti-cruelty organizations in this country, the American Humane Association is dedicated to the prevention of mistreatment of animals. The American Humane Association was organized in 1877 through the cooperative efforts of the 26 existing animal and child protection agencies. The AHA  was formed as a federation to represent its members…

Injured Dog in Street

Q & A: Animal Cruelty & Injured Pets

Question: Animal Cruelty & Injured Pets – Questions From A California Dog Owner “I know of two possible cases of animal cruelty where the dogs have been mistreated by kicking, beating, under-feeding, etc. This really upsets me as I have always loved dogs.  I would love to take some sort of action if I knew…

Shelter Dogs in Cage

Q & A: An Insane Story!

Question: An Insane Story! “I was just talking with a professional breeder, who is also a close friend of mine, and she was telling me about a story out of a Los Angeles newspaper, back in the 1970s, where a woman rescued 53 stray dogs from a Los Angeles pound. She did the rescue because…

Sad Puppy Needs a Home

Disposable Dogs

When it comes to the emotional universe of human-animal relationships, perfection becomes a much coveted goal in the eyes of the dog owner. Everybody wants to have a dog that is in perfect health, perfect confirmation, and with the perfect temperament. But does this ideal canine really exist? While it is true that many animals,…