Tracking Dog in the Snow

The Sport of Dog Tracking

There are many attributes of your dog that go unnoticed and completely forgotten about.  Hey it’s easy to do, considering most people have dogs strictly for companionship.  However, you have to remember that these animals have a long ancestry which, depending upon the type of dog breed he is, has underlying qualities and desires that…

Dog with Bowl in His Mouth

Teach Your Dog To “Find The Object”

Training your dog to learn new tricks stimulates his mind, increases its ability to analyze information, all the while giving you more knowledge of how your dog’s brain works.  In addition, teaching him how to do  tricks is a fun way to spend quality time with your dog, which then creates a closer bond between…

Dogs in Training Class

Group Dog Training Classes

Are you looking for the most efficient way to train your dog in the fastest time possible? We would all love to learn how to be world-class dog trainers and teach our puppies and adult dogs all they need to know when it comes to basic training, however, for most of us it just isn’t…

Dog with Flexi-Lead Leash

The Flexi-Lead, A Popular Dog Leash

As your puppy gets a little older, the most important training aid that you will need will be a variety of dog training leashes. Of course using certain collars and leashes may seem a bit structured and strict to use when training your puppy, but they are meant to be a temporary tool designed to…