Dog Tasting Hot Sauce

Q & A: Dog Obedience Through Hot Sauce

Question: Obedience Through Hot Sauce? “I’ve heard that pouring hot sauce on a piece of meat will teach a dog to ignore any food found lying on the ground. Is this practice of obedience acceptable? And is it safe?” Answer: No! and No! Any trainer advocating that method had better go back to school. It…

Dog Trainer with Bulldog

Q & A: How Can I Become A Dog Trainer?

Question: How To Become A Trainer “Could you tell me how I can go about becoming a professional dog trainer? I have trained a few dogs, but none for shows. I love dogs and I want to make my training my profession, but just don’t know how to go about it. I have 4-H experience…

Dog Afraid of the Water

Q & A: My Dog Is Afraid of Water

Question: Dog Afraid Of Water “Our 1 ½ year-old German Shorthair Pointer has a water phobia. His mother loves the water, and water doesn’t seem to bother the others that were in the litter. My dog’s pedigree (mostly champions) shows Duals and Field Champions so the problem isn’t there. Our dog is trained, but the…

Cowardly German Shepherd

Q & A: A Cowardly German Shepherd

Question: A Scared German Shepherd “I have a 18 month-old German Shepherd that has been obedience trained. I wanted to take my dog through a “personal protection” class and signed up to have him evaluated. The class is offered by a very highly recommended dog trainer.  The purpose of the evaluation was supposedly to see…

Collie Dog Profile

Q & A: Metal Training Collar

Question: Metal Training Collar “I have researched dozens of books and purchased a handful of dog training videos. The one thing I noticed is that many of the obedience training articles and instructions recommend the use of a metal training collar rather than a nylon collar. Can you tell me why? Personally, I own a…