Dog Accident on Floor

Re-housebreaking Your Mature Dog – Part 1

There is a certain element of surprise, perhaps even shock, when the owner of a perfectly trained and well-behaved adult dog suddenly steps in a puddle. “No, it can’t be!” He shrieks. The possible alternative, such as a defrosting refrigerator, leaky water pipes, or a spilled cup of coffee give way to the awful truth;…

Bomb Sniffing Police Dog

Police Dogs – Part 2

Practically every city across the nation, as well as other parts of the world, recognizes the high value of a well-trained police dog. Studies of selected areas where crime rates are unusually high show that the introduction of the police dog has been the major factor in reducing those crime rates. Together, policemen and police…

Training a Police Dog

Police Dogs – Part 1

The concept of utilizing dogs for police services is certainly not a new innovation. Records in history account such animals being used for law enforcement safety and service as early as the fifteenth century. However, the organized application of the canine as police dogs was instituted in the early 1900’s and was mainly brought about…