Dog By Owners Grave

Dogs & ESP – Part 3

Most of us have had experiences that can possibly be attributed to ESP. It seems more than coincidence to find a friend’s telephone line busy because he or she is in the process of dialing your number. And how about the friend you haven’t thought about or seen in years, and then all of a…

Dog in the Woods

Dogs & ESP – Part 2

Do dogs have ESP? One famous case is that of Daisy, a stray mixed-breed. This case was also thoroughly checked out and authenticated. Daisy charmed herself to a New York City family on vacation at a lake approximately thirty miles from the city. The family befriended her and gave her all of the food and…

Dog Raising Paw

Dogs & ESP – Part 1

When you get the strange sense that your dog is reading your mind or your cat focusing his eyes on a nonexistent, yet fascinating “something” located just above your head, relax and accept this strange occurrence graciously and gratefully. It could very well be ESP (extrasensory perception) and it most certainly a grand devotion because,…

Golden Retriever at Sunset

Q & A: Night Vision Dogs

Question: Night Vision Dogs “I have always heard the rumor that dogs cannot see well at night. However there are other sources claim that dogs can see better at night than during the day, almost like having night vision. What is the real truth to these rumors?” Answer: Unlike cats, who have a good sense…