Sick Dog

Distemper: A Detailed Explanation Of The Disease – Part 2

The signs of distemper vary, but most often include thick, pus-laden discharges from the eyes and nose, along with a deep productive cough, vomiting and diarrhea, pustules on the abdomen, convulsions, body or leg spasms, loss of appetite, weakness, depression, high fever which may fluctuate to normal, and thickening of the footpads. Obviously, other conditions…

Canine Hip Dysplasia X-Ray

Unexplained Canine Hip Dysplasia Occurrences

It is believed that canine hip dysplasia has increased since large breeds of dogs evolved into companion dogs from the hunting or guard functions for which they were bred and kept for in the past. One piece of evidence is the way breeders had selectively bred aggressiveness out, and tamed the dog down, so as…