Pet-Friendly Backyard Fences – A Comparison

Let’s face it: Not all fences are created equally; and while installing any type of fence in the backyard for pets is better than not having a fence at all, there are many factors to consider before purchasing including cost, material, and intrusive wildlife. For now, let’s discuss why it’s best to stay clear of…


Is Your Garden Dog-Friendly?

Whenever any new dog owners bring their pup home with them for the first time, they usually go to extraordinary lengths to get their home ready. After all, there are a few safety precautions that will need to be implemented to ensure that the pet is safe and sound in their new home. However, some…

Puppy Chewing Christmas Decorations

Puppy Safety: When Decorations Kill

A puppy’s approach to the world, outside the box he was born in, is quite simply, to eat it! This includes shoes, toys, sofa cushions, and just about anything else he can put into his mouth. If the object is too big to fit, the puppy will whittle it down to size with his pin-like…

Golden Retriever with Flea Collar

Death By Flea Collars – Part 2

Most packages containing flea collars or other similar-type pest-fighting devices usually carry a printed caution on the front: “Do not allow children to play with this collar”. The purchaser is then invited to read the additional precautions printed on the reverse side of the package.  Over 50% of the dog owners polled about their knowledge…