Just Got a New Puppy? Here’s What to Keep in Mind

Sure, bringing a new puppy into your life will be a sweet and adorable experience. They’re so cute, after all, and will definitely crack you up with all of their silliness. Yet, a puppy may be a bit more responsibility than you initially thought and, unless you’d like to deal with a host of other…


Helpful Tips For Introducing A Puppy To Their New Home

Once you’ve bought all the essentials you’ll need and picked the perfect puppy from a shelter or breeder, the real work begins: introducing them to their new home. Any big change can be stressful for a dog, especially when they’re young. Merely getting your dog from the shelter and expecting them to adjust to their…


Puppy Power: What To Do Before You Bring A Dog Home

Many parents consider adding a pet to their family unit. That is a fantastic idea because it helps to teach kids respect for animals. However, you shouldn’t just go out and purchase a dog without first making some preparations. With that in mind, we wanted to release a post that would help to point you…

Beagle Puppy Eating from His Bowl

3 Ways To Feed Your Puppy

To meet the continual nutritional demand of your puppy’s growing body, he must have food available to him all day long.  There are 3 common techniques to feed your new puppy. These are: Meal feeding, portion-control feeding, and free feeding. Meal Feeding: This method of feeding is usually done with mixing solid food and canned food…

Puppy Chewing Christmas Decorations

Puppy Safety: When Decorations Kill

A puppy’s approach to the world, outside the box he was born in, is quite simply, to eat it! This includes shoes, toys, sofa cushions, and just about anything else he can put into his mouth. If the object is too big to fit, the puppy will whittle it down to size with his pin-like…

Brushing a Puppy

Total Puppy Care: The Importance Of Regular Puppy Grooming

While not usually as critical a problem as housetraining, grooming is quite frequently another area that is sorely neglected or improperly handled.  A young animal should be groomed thoroughly on a regular basis.  Thorough grooming includes brushing and combing out all mats and tangles, inspecting for external parasites, cleaning ears, and clipping the puppy’s nails.…