Yellow Lab Running Alongside Bike

Biking With Your Dog

Most dogs love to run, and some breeds are physically bred for speed and endurance, such as the Greyhound, who can run up to 45 mph. Other dogs that are built for speed are the Afghan Hound and the Saluki. But regardless of the breed or the size of your dog, expect that he can…

Dog Eating Carrot

5 All Natural, 100% Organic Dog Food Providers

The following list of companies are currently in business and every one on this list sells nothing but all natural and organic dog food, supplements, and miscellaneous products/services. Optimum Choices: This company refers to their product as “superfood magic” and proudly promotes their number one product which is designed to balance your dog’s glands and…

Trimming Hair Near Dog's Eyes

Basic Eye Care For Your Dog

When it comes to puppy grooming, do not ignore proper eye care and safety. Some dog owners forget the little things when it comes to grooming their pet which can result in health problems in the future. Below are a few puppy eye-care pointers. 1. Guarding your puppy’s eyes from injury is important so be…

Cleaning a Dog's Ear

Basic Ear Care For Your Dog

I absolutely love rubbing my dog’s ears! Regardless of the shape and size, dog ears are adorable and most dogs melt with ecstasy when they get their ears rubbed. However, ear massages alone will not be enough to keep your dog or puppy’s ears healthy. Ears are one of the central breeding areas for yeast…