Benefits Of Hiring A Dog Walking Service

Dogs cooped up inside the house have a chance of becoming obese. The inability to stretch their legs properly and walk (or run) around the neighborhood inhibits the poor pup from gaining enough exercise. Going on dog walks, therefore, is an excellent method to keep your pet in ideal shape. But if you can’t find…


The Rules Of Walkies

There is nothing more fun for a dog than going for a walk. Getting out of the house, grabbing some fresh air and stretching their legs is nothing short of exciting and fun. The exploration from the point of view for a dog is completely different to that of their human; a good walk provides…

Dogs Playing at the Dog Park

3 Dog Park Rules Every Dog Owner Should Know

All across the country, more and more designated property areas are being built specifically for dogs. This is a wonderful trend that should be taking place in every city across the United States. For example, California has dog parks in Runyon Park and Laurel Canyon that became so popular, they were soon overcrowded and new dog…

Yellow Lab Running Alongside Bike

Biking With Your Dog

Most dogs love to run, and some breeds are physically bred for speed and endurance, such as the Greyhound, who can run up to 45 mph. Other dogs that are built for speed are the Afghan Hound and the Saluki. But regardless of the breed or the size of your dog, expect that he can…

Dogs Walking

How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need?

In humans, the importance of exercise has been proven time and again. But what about our canine friends? Is it enough to just feed them properly and give them occasional walks? What are the benefits of exercise to dogs? All dogs need exercise Studies as well as experience have shown that dogs who are getting…

Woman Walking Her Golden Retriever

Walking, A Great Way To Exercise Your Dog

Did you know that your dog will become inactive, dull, and overweight if he is confined inside your home for long periods of time? Not only that, but he is also likely to develop some type of behavioral problem like excessive barking or chewing, and will have a tendency to develop an aggressive, destructive behavior.…