Beagle Companion

Your Beagle, The Perfect Companion

It should be no surprise that Beagles are so popular. Cute, spunky, friendly, and always ready to play. What’s not to like? The Beagle temperament is about half-way between that of a Terrier and a Golden Retriever. They’re friendly, but not so eager to please as Goldens. They’re independent-minded, but not so stubborn as the…

Vaccinating a Beagle

Beagles – Vaccination Pros and Cons

An array of vaccinations used to be routine for Beagle puppies. Annual boosters were commonplace. Today, many dog owners are strictly anti-vaccine entirely. Current research suggests a more balanced approach is best. Vaccines work by stimulating the immune system to create antibodies against invading organisms. In effect, they emulate the body’s natural disease combating method,…

Beagle Eye Check

Treating Common Beagle Eye Problems

Beagles suffer eye problems no more than any other breed. Most are healthy and have only the usual, short-lived conditions that are part of any dog’s life. But there are a few eye diseases to watch out for that tend to occur in Beagles more than others. Cherry Eye The most common is a condition…

Exploring Beagle

Beagles – The Snoopy Dog Breed

The title actually has a double meaning. The well-known Peanuts character, Snoopy, is supposed to be some kind of Beagle. True, he doesn’t look much like one, but when was the last time you saw a kid that looked like Charlie Brown, either? The other meaning is a little more to the point: Beagles are…

Beagle Dinner Time

The Perfect Beagle Diet

Perfect Beagle diet? Ok, there may be no such thing. But you can get very close with the right mix of nutrients from the right sources. Proteins Beagles, like all dogs, need proteins. They are broken down into amino acids then built back up again into the kinds of proteins their bodies use to make…

Happy Beagle

The Beagle Temperament

Beagles are a paradox. They’re among the friendliest dogs around, similar to Golden Retrievers. Yet, they can be very stubborn and even assertive, especially with other animals. Reinforcing the desirable traits and suppressing the ones you don’t want can be a real challenge. But when it comes to Beagles, the struggle is well worth the…

Beagle Ear Check

Solving Beagle Ear Problems

Because they have floppy ears that hang down over the ear canal, Beagles are subject to a number of potential ear problems. That includes a higher chance of wax buildup, yeast, and infections. Fortunately, none of those is inevitable and they are all easy to prevent or treat. Waxy buildup, leading to yeast growth, is…

Baby Beagle in Oversized Tea Cup

Pocket Beagles, Right for You?

Beagles are among the most popular breeds. But many people have read that they can be a challenge and shy away from selecting one. If that describes you, a Pocket Beagle might be just the right dog for you. The original breed line died out in England generations ago. Modern Pocket Beagles are created by…

Training a Beagle

How to Train Your Beagle

Beagle temperament is midway between a Golden Retriever and a Terrier. They’re not so eager to please as a Golden, but not so willful as most Terriers. That makes them a challenge to train, but not a major headache. One way to get started on the right road is, as with all dogs, to start…