Cat Food for Weight Loss of Overweight Cats

Is your cat getting chubbier every year?  Has your vet started labeling her as “obese” during her annual checkup? Statistics has it on record that six cats out of ten in the USA are overweight.  Overweight cats are at an increased risk of health problems, including lower urinary tract disease, arthritis, and diabetes.  Obese cats…


Cats Need Collars Too!

Although the dog is still “Man’s Best Friend,” there has been a recent increase in popularity in cats these last years. Part of the reason is because cats need much less time and attention than dogs. They are more independent and they often leave the house for hours and come back only at night or…

Kitten Walking on a Leash

Cat Collars and Leashes

While almost everyone walks their dog, few people walk their cats. However, cats can learn to walk on a leash. In fact, there are collars, harnesses, and leashes designed just for cats. Unlike dog collars, cat collars are not created so that they can be used with a cat leash. The shape of a cat’s…

Cat Litter Box

Cat Litter Boxes

For most cat owners, one of the biggest drawbacks of owning a cat is the dreaded cat litter box. Few people like to clean litter boxes. After all, they aren’t just smelly. Litter can be quite dusty and people that change litter boxes are more susceptible to some cat diseases that can be caught by…

Cat Trick

How To Train a Cat

Many people are under the mistaken impression that cats are arrogant, moody creatures that will ignore their owners’ attempts to train them. They think that cats could obey and choose not to. Although cats do ignore commands because they don’t feel like doing what their owners ask, sometimes they are not obeying because they simply…

Cat and Kiiten Playing with Yarn

The Magic of Cat Training Devices

A cat is a lovable and adorable pet. But a cat could also be messy most of the time and this is the primary reason why there is a need for cats training devices which enables them to live with the behaviors you want them to have. This is one of the reasons why there…