5 Alternative Pain Relief for Cats

Are you looking for natural and effective alternative pain relief for your cat? As a pet owner, it can be hard to watch your feline friend in pain–especially if you are unable to help her. It is often best to avoid pharmaceuticals when possible, as they are expensive and have side effects. So, what can…


Essential Benefits of CBD for Cats

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD is one of the two major components of the chemical composition of the cannabis plant. It is found in all cannabis species and unlike its counterpart, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it is not psychoactive in nature. The structure of CBD is indeed similar to that of THC and it can bind…


Using CBD Oil for Cats with Separation Anxiety

Many people tend to think of cats as very independent, aloof animals. However, many cats grow very attached to their owners, and not only do they need lots of love and attention to stay healthy, but they can also develop separation anxiety. Cat separation anxiety is a condition where your cat may display the symptoms…


How To Keep Your Cat Hydrated

Keeping your cat happy and hydrated can be a bit of a challenge for some cat owners. Cats tend not to drink much water because their prey, in the wild, are usually very high in water. Mice, for example consist of approximately 70% water. Therefore the diet of a domestic cat usually doesn’t deliver the…

Cat with Breast Cancer

Cat insurance: Breast Cancer

Most people are aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time for everyone to spare some thought for people who have been personally affected by cancer and make a donation to a registered charity. However, cat owners may be surprised to hear that cats can develop breast cancer, normally referred to as mammary…

Cat coughing up a hairball

Cat Hairballs

Has your cat been coughing and hacking? If so, he may have hairballs. If you see disgusting skinny oval blobs on the floor, you will know that your cat has managed to dislodge one of his hairballs. What exactly is a hairball? It is a mass of hair and food that did not digest that…

Neutering a Cat

Neutering – An Important Part of Your Cat’s Care

With the large number of homeless and feral cats in the world, it is no wonder that people are beginning to realize the importance of neutering their cats. After all, since cats can reproduce several times a year and mature quickly, just two feral cats can quickly become twenty. These feral cats are often actually…

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Common Cat Health Problems

If you’ve never owned a cat before, you may not realize that cats can suffer from quite a few different health problems. Some of these problems are easily preventable, while others are hereditary. One of the most common cat health problems is the hairball. Cats groom themselves constantly with their tongues. The loose hair comes…