Pet a Cat: Things to Help Your Pet Live Securely

If you are a cat owner, knowing about bettering cat lives is never a waste of time. By adopting or purchasing one, you have already taken a step towards making cats live good lives. You don’t want to see them eating trash on the roads and living in encroached bird houses. Therefore, to pet a…


Collaring Your Cat

If you live in a small apartment, and you want a pet, a cat is probably the best option for you. Of course, you could also get a toy dog, but they need more attention and care. Cats are more independent, and they are cleaner too. So, if you don’t have a lot of free…

Grooming a Cat

Cat Grooming – Keep Your Cat Looking Great

Cats do not like to be dirty. Most cats spend a good part of their day licking their paws and face to stay clean and tidy. However, despite this, few cat owners think about grooming their cats. However, grooming a cat is very important. This process helps remove loose hair from your cat’s body. Without…

Cat Bath

The Cat Bath – How To Wash Your Cat

Everyone knows that cats absolutely hate water, so why on earth would someone want to bathe their cat? Well, although cats don’t enjoy paddling in the swimming pool with their doggie pals, they still can get just as dirty or flea infested as dogs. There are times when there is just no other option besides…

Cat coughing up a hairball

Cat Hairballs

Has your cat been coughing and hacking? If so, he may have hairballs. If you see disgusting skinny oval blobs on the floor, you will know that your cat has managed to dislodge one of his hairballs. What exactly is a hairball? It is a mass of hair and food that did not digest that…

Cat Tower

Cat Furniture – Pamper Your Kitty in Style

At one point in history cats were revered, praised even worshiped. If you ask your cat, it probably thinks things should still be that way. Your cat would probably point out that he doesn’t think he’s getting all the things he deserves in life. While you may think a few toys, some catnip, food and…