Alley Cat Allies Works to Save Kittens from Being Killed in Shelters with Innovative ‘Wait Until 8’ Program

BETHESDA, Md.– April 27, 2017 – Through the innovative Wait Until 8 program, Alley Cat Allies is helping shelters and communities work together to save orphaned kittens from being killed. The program empowers people to become at-home kitten caregivers for neonatal kittens until they reach eight weeks of age and are available for adoption. “Every year, well-meaning people find…

Two cats Sharing a Windowsill

Multiple Cat Households

For many people, a single cat is the ideal situation. However, for others, cats seem to be like potato chips. They can’t stop with just one. This is partly because there are so many wonderful cat breeds and partly because most cats enjoy the companionship of other cats. Is owning more than one cat right…

Champion Red Maine Coon Cat

The Cat Fancier’s Association

Are you interested in finding a purebred cat? As you shop for your cat, you may notice the initials CFA in some advertisements. What exactly does this mean? CFA stands for the Cat Fancier’s Association, the largest purebred cat registry in the world. The CFA was created to maintain breed standards and register litters of…

Mother Cat with Kittens

Adopting a Cat – Are You Ready?

So,you’ve decided that you want to have a pet cat. However, before you shop for your kitten, you may need to consider a few important things. After all, finding out that a cat is not for you after you’ve already grown attached can be heart breaking. The main reason that people have to find their…