Stressed Out Parrot

Stress – The Silent Killer of Birds

One of the worst things you can do to your pet bird is to subject him to stress. Stress can literally kill a bird that would otherwise live a long and healthy life. How can you avoid stressing your bird and what can you do for him if he does become stressed? You should be…

Cockatiel with Avian Veterinarian

Identifying Sick Birds

When you’re sick everyone knows it just by glancing at you. Your red, runny nose, feverish eyes and downright listless attitude are surefire clues that you are ill. It should be just as easy to identify a sick bird, right? Actually, by the time your bird is sick enough for you to see his symptoms…

Bird Getting Vaccinated

Caring for Sick Birds

Although caring for any sick pet can be a bit tricky, caring for sick birds is extremely challenging. By the time many bird owners realize their pets are sick, the birds are seriously ill. If your bird is sick, you should contact your avian veterinarian immediately. However, reaching your veterinarian when you realize your bird…