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Can Dogs Use CBD Oil?

More and more frequently, people are starting to expand the benefits of CBD to dogs. Although there’s definitely evidence that CBD can be beneficial to dogs, it can be tough to determine exactly how. Do dogs benefit in the same way as humans? Do dogs benefit at all? Are there certain things to keep in mind with CBD for dogs?

There are of course a lot of questions to tackle, but you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed. You can definitely understand more about CBD oil for dogs as long as you take the time to learn about it. With this simple guide to your questions, you can introduce your furry friend to CBD oil with a clear conscience.

Humans Versus Dogs

Does CBD oil affect humans just like it does dogs? There are definitely pieces of the puzzle that are similar for both humans and dogs, but there are also very significant differences.

The biggest way in which CBD affects humans and dogs similarly is that it provides a similar calming effect. For both humans and dogs, CBD can help with anxiousness. Although you may not think of your dog as having problems with anxiousness, there are definitely times that dogs can feel anxious and uncertain. Sometimes this manifests as hyperactivity or problematic behavior, and with CBD oil, you can help quell some of that.

There are also some benefits that humans receive from CBD oil that dogs might not receive. Because dogs are essentially always “exercising,” you can’t usually use CBD oil to help dogs with recovery from exercise, although it can definitely help nullify some of the problems that come with dogs’ physical activity. You also might not notice a significant effect on sleep because dogs tend toward having a very different sleep schedule from humans. However, CBD can help with both of these in a more tertiary sense.

Potential Benefits for Dogs

So if CBD affects dogs and humans differently, how do dogs actually benefit from CBD oil? You’ll find a few different benefits that dogs get from CBD oil.

The first is that CBD can support healthy joints and bones in dogs. Because dogs do spend so much time doing physical activity, it’s important to support your dog’s joints and bones, especially as your dog ages. CBD oil can help with that. Besides supporting bones and joints in their own right, CBD’s ability to help dogs calm down is useful for ensuring that your furry friend doesn’t put too much strain on their joints.

That calming feature is another important part of CBD for dogs. Dogs can get anxious just like humans can, and it’s not always possible to help calm a dog down like it is a human. If your dog is prone to anxiousness, CBD may be able to help them calm down and maintain a better sense of stability. That’s good for both you and your dog.

How to Dose for Dogs

Is the dosing process for dogs and humans different? Just like the potential benefits of CBD, the answer is that dogs are both similar to and different from humans. If you’ve previously used CBD, you can usually use that as a starting point, but you may end at a wholly different dose than for yourself.

Just like humans, it’s a good idea for you to start small and slowly work your way up. Use just a few drops, either directly into your dog’s mouth or sprinkled on their food bowl. Wait a few days, dosing each day, to see if you notice a difference. If you don’t, slowly increase the dose until you notice that there’s something definitively different. It’s the best way to find just the right dose.


Although scientific studies are still ongoing, there’s lots of anecdotal evidence that CBD oil for dogs can be useful and helpful in a variety of ways. Whether you have an elderly dog that’s having some joint issues or you just want to tackle these potential issues before they arise, CBD oil can definitely help.

Part of helping your dog with CBD is ensuring that you have high-quality CBD formulated specifically for your dog. At Charlotte’s Web, you can find CBD of the highest quality for both pets and humans. Plus, Charlotte’s Web carries both flavored and unflavored options for even the pickiest pets. Take a look at Charlotte’s Web CBD oil for dogs to see why so many pet owners trust this brand.

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