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Building a Doggy Heaven for Your New Arrival

The prospect of bringing home a brand new pup is exciting to say the least. Whether he’s your first pet or a welcome addition to a large family, there is nothing quite like preparing your home for the new arrival. If you want to keep your dog healthy and happy there are many things you can do around the home. You want them to feel safe and sound no matter what, so consider some of the following ideas to build a doggy heaven for your new arrival.

Invest in the Basics

When you’re set to bring home your first furry friend, you need to get stocked up on the basics. First of all you should think about what the dog will need such as a lead, a dog bowl, a bed and possibly a large cage. Secondly, you should consider what you will need as the owner; you will need to stock up on poop bags and may want to invest in a Dog Waste Trash Can. This will ensure that your new perfect pet is always cleaned up after properly.

Create Plenty of Space

Even if you’re getting a relatively small dog, they take up much more space than you think. You will need to clear a space for him to eat, sleep and play. Make sure your garden or outdoor space is safe for pets and get it checked over for any potential poisonous plants, just in case.

Do They Need a Buddy?

There are certain dog breeds that can get quite lonely if they don’t have a friend to play with. Make sure you spend enough time at home to care for them and talk to the breeder or previous owner about how well they deal with other dogs. Getting two dogs might be your port of call, rather than just the one!

Treat Them to Plenty of Toys

Every dog deserves to have a stash of toys to come home to and play with. Whether you’re splashing out on a squeaky bone or you think he’d love a cuddly toy, have a look online for some of the best dog toys at the moment. You might also want to wait until you have the dog and then you can take him shopping for yourself. He can sniff out his own toy and enjoy his very own choice!

As soon as you bring your new furry friend home you can be sure that he will fit right in. As long as you take the right steps when creating the ideal space for him you will be just fine. Remember that owning a dog is a lot of responsibility so make sure you are up for the challenge. Not only will you have to make some financial adjustments, but you will also have to consider where he fits within your household. Think about how you are going to train him and set boundaries around the house; this will be your key to a smooth transition into the family.


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